Past History

Residential project of one our clients who reside in Juhu, Mumbai. They are engaged in real estate development. In the recent past they were experiencing financial troubles and all their under-construction building projects were either delayed or stalled. The financial problems were increasing by the day.


  • The Main Door was positioned at the most negative zone i.e South-West.
  • The North-East corner of the House was cut (i.e missing North-East corner)
  • The Master Bedroom was at the North-West zone (Vayu tatva) and the Bed head-board was towards the North side.
  • The Master Toilet was constructed at the North zone (Uttar disha).. ie. Lord Kuber Sthaan.
  • The Tijori and Almirah containing cash and valuables was opening towards the South side which also could affect the flow of funds.
  • The water ‘matka’ was kept very close to the gas stove.

Rectifications Suggested

  • Relocate the sofa towards the South-West zone, so that the family members face the North or East.
  • Keep the Uttar (North), Uttar-Poorav (North-East) and Poorav (East) windows open for maximum time.
  • Since the North-East corner of the property was cut (missing North-East zone)… which is a Vastu Dosha. We suggested to install the Divine Connect Yantra Frame on that wall and recite the mantras in a routine.
  • Since it was not possible to construct a bedroom at the South-West corner, we suggested to Relocate the bed and Sleep with head towards Dakshin or Poorav side. Install the Power Grid Stick behind the Bed headboard.
  • Keep the valuable documents, cash and asset papers in almirah, which opens towards Uttar side (1st preference) or Poorav side. Install the Lord Kuber’s Divine Treasure Box in the Tijori.
  • Ideally relocate the master toilet. Since it was not possible to relocate the toilet, we suggested to install one Square Copper Cosmic Symbol on each corner of the toilets (fix the symbol with Araldite Adhesive on the floor level of each toilet).
  • The water ‘matka’ was relocated towards the North zone and kept at atleast 6 feet distance from the gas stove.
  • Modifications and rectifications were also done in the office premises.


  • There was appreciable improvement in the business and finances.
  • Things started moving in the right direction and there was positive movement in the projects which were stalled / delayed