Past History

This Club is in the posh suburbs on Mumbai. Couple of years back, this Club was conceptualized and the building was built, but, due to various reasons the Club couldn’t commence. There were various challenges and delays. After these episodes, we were called for Vastu advice and consultation.


  • After the building was constructed, we were called for advice on Vastushastra. We found that the plot is of an odd dimension (with extended corners) and more than the Golden Ratio (width of the plot was more than 1:10).The plot is on a tilted axis.
  • There were strongĀ  underneath negative currents owing to the Nala passing from behind the plot from East to West.
  • Swimming Pool is at the West part of the building.
  • The main Club building is at the North-East part of the plot. Thereby loading the Eshanya Kona (North-East) and creating an exposure to South-West Sun Streams.
  • Toilets were created in the Brahmasthaan (Center) of the club building
  • Balancing tank (more than 1 lac liters) is at the South part (beside the swimming pool).
  • Many paver blocks (concrete blocks) were kept at the North-East part of the plot.
  • Peepal tree had been cut in the past without any pooja or consultation of a Panditji.

Rectifications Suggested

  • Since the property was already constructed we could not do major structural changes to the property. We rectified the flaws and energized the property with the aid our Vastu Product Accessories like Divine Oorja Cubes, Power Grid Sticks, Vedic Yantra Frame, Mantras etc.(the products were installed within the walls at strategic locations)
  • Since the plot is of odd dimensions and wrongly positioned building, swimming pool, tennis courts etc., the plot was virtually divided in 5 portions (i.e Vastu Boundaries were created).
  • The heavy concrete blocks which were kept at the North-East part of the plot were removed immediately.
  • Since the Peepal tree had been unknowingly cut by the management, we strongly recommended to perform the Pooja through a learned panditji.
  • An additional boundary wall of 36 inches was constructed to cut off the extended South-East corner (Agnisthaan).
  • A lotus pond was constructed at the North-East portion of the Club building.
  • The Administrative office was also constructed as per the Vastushastra norms.
  • The other flaws were rectified on a physical level or energy level.


  • There was remarkable and spontaneous improvement in all spheres. In 2 3 months the problems and challenges started getting resolved and in the next few months the Club was operational.
  • Every subsequent month there were positive happenings, progress and growth.