Past History

This client was in the process of setting up a new production unit in Silvassa. Since this was the proposed first unit of the company, there was no past history. They had bought this large piece of land and they wanted to a build a factory on 25% of the land and they proposed to keep the rest of the land for further expansion.


  • The plot of land was totally irregular shaped. The plot dimensions were cut at the North-East and North-West zone. The plot dimensions were extended at the South-East and South-West zones.
  • The plot of land was marshy (swampy) and the ground level was much lower than the road level. In first phase, they did not wish to do the earth filling on the entire plot because of financial reasons.
  • When the directors had bought the land, they had conceptualized that in first phase the first unit would be constructed on the North-East side.

Rectifications Suggested

  • We strongly recommended to fill the plot of land, so that the ground level is higher than the road level.
  • The Vastu Boundary was conceptualized and a rectangular plot was carved out from the irregular shaped plot.
  • In first phase the electric substation was constructed at the Agnisthaan.
  • In first phase the bore-well was dug at the North of North-East zone.
  • In first phase the first production unit was constructed at the South zone. The entrances, machines placement, raw material store, finished stock area, administrative area, toilets etc. were constructed as per the Vastushastra norms.
  • Below the production machine foundations our Vastu Energy Bricks were installed to energize the area.
  • In order to energize the structure, during the construction stage our Divine Oorja Cubes were placed within the columns.
  • A temple was constructed at the North-East zone and a statue of Vignehartha Lord Ganeshaji was installed. Lord Ganeshaji Mantra and Vastu Shanti Mantras are played in the factory every day.
  • Other flaws were rectified energetically. Since the factory was not built at one phase, the internal and external layouts of the factory is discussed and planned from time to time.


  • The factory is doing exceedingly well and having continual growth.
  • Every year there is a major expansion of production capacities and the large plot of land is now fully occupied with the production units. Infact additional land is being purchased for further expansion.