Past History

This project of one of our esteem clients based in Gurgaon. They are engaged in export of handicrafts. In the past they had experienced both good seasons and some extremely bad seasons. When I met them, they were passing through challenging times. They had recently moved into this new property and since then the business had declined. The director was losing grip on customers, staff and business.


  • The Main Gate and Main Door was positioned at the most negative zone i.e South-West.
  • The Director Cabin was positioned at the North-West part of the Property.
  • There was a window behind the Director seat.
  • More than 50% of the staff desk were wrongly positioned towards the South side.
  • The Tijori and Almirah containing cash and valuables was opening towards the South side which also could affect the flow of funds.
  • Some Staff were sitting below exposed over-head beams.

Rectifications Suggested

  • Due to practical problems and municipal bye laws, the Gate at South-West could not be relocated, hence we suggested to Install a picture of Lord Hanumanji (in a strong dynamic pose) on the Gate Pillar (install at about 43 inches or higher level) and recite the Hanuman Chalisa in a routine.
  • Play the Vastu Shanti mantra CD in a daily routine.
  • The Director cabin was interchanged with the Merchandisers cabin i.e. the Director was allocated the South-West cabin and the Merchandisers in the North-West cabin.
  • To enhance the power and command of the Director, Install the Power Grid Stick within the wall (i.e. the wall which is behind the Director seat).
  • Keep the Uttar, Uttar-Poorav and Poorav windows open for maximum time.
  • Most of the chielf Executives were allocated seats whereby they would face North / North-East or East side. The Desk were shifted marginally so that the executives do not sit below exposed overhead beams.
  • Keep the valuable documents, cash and asset papers in almirah, which opens towards Uttar side (1st preference) or Poorav side.


  • The Director once again gained the command and grip on the business and became extremely focused on building the business.
  • In due course the Director expanded the business and diversified the business by doing backward integration i.e. earlier the company used to outsource the products from other manufacturers. After doing the Vastu modifications they created the production lines and started manufacturing the high end products thereby improving the profitability, quality and delivery schedules.