Past History

This project of one our clients who have a lavish bungalow in Chandigarh. The client asked me to mainly focus on the children’s career and education. They felt that their son was becoming lethargic, commanding and dominating. Their daughter was not comfortable in her room. Family relations were strained.


  • Their Son’s bedroom was at the South-West zone, which could be the main reason for their son becoming rigid and dominating.
  • Although their daughter bedroom was at the Vayu zone (North-West), the room interiors were not aligned as per Vastu. She used to sleep with head towards the North. The bedroom was painted in deep maroon (red). This was enough reason for sleeplessness and restlessness.
  • The Fish Tank was placed at the Agnisthaan (South-East zone). The water element was kept in the fire element zone, hence the clashes.
  • The staircase was constructed at the North-East zone. This could be the cause of problems in health, wealth and relationships.

Rectifications Suggested

  • The Parents interchanged the bedroom with their son. Hence the Parents moved into the powerful zone i.e. South-West.
  • Play “Vastu Shanti” cd everyday in the morning.
  • The daughter’s bedroom wall paper was changed to Silver tone. It was suggested to sleep with head towards South side.
  • The Fish tank was relocated towards the North side.
  • A Symbol of Swastik (in Copper) was installed above the Main Door Frame (from inside and outside).
  • We suggest to keep Happy Relationship Yantra for abundance of peace, abundance of happiness, abundance of love and a happy, contended life. Place it in the drawer or keep it on the bedside table / shelf / cabinet).
  • The client agreed to relocate the staircase towards the South direction. Since this was a major structural change which was done after 8 months. In the meantime we installed 3 Divine Oorja Cubes and Divine Connect Yantra Frame to minimize the flaw.
  • There were some other additional flaws and other rectifications suggested.


  • The family relations improved substantially and there were lot of positive happening month on month.
  • Their son became responsible and comfortable. With passage of time he acquired the qualifications and is not well settled in his career.
  • Their daughter experienced instant improvement in her life. She became happier, jovial and slept comfortably at night.