Our Mission is to propagate the science of Vastushastra and market the Vastu Kripa (Religion based) Product Accessories world-wide. We are preparing to establish Distributors Worldwide.

Our Vastu Kripa product Accessories range has been developed with passion and pure Love for God and we are confident that these would gather momentum.

Our range of Vastu Kripa product Accessories range needs to be purchased by the distributor from our firm M/s. Sachdeva Essentials (Mumbai India). We shall supply the products at the wholesale price. Based on requirement, the distributor shall time to time purchase reasonable bulk quantities.

The distributor shall make maximum efforts to market the products to the community in his area. Religion based products are generally picked up by the prospective client based on a vibration, a connectivity to the Divine and an attraction of auras, The word of mouth propagation would help in spreading the markets and reach more and more homes and work-places.

Vastu Kripa shall offer reasonable support to propagate the products, but, the Distributor would require to bear all expenses to market the Vastu Kripa product Accessories range in his region.

We, at Vastu Kripa would be keen to get associated to new Distributors in unrepresented areas who share the same vision with us, in the name of the Lord.

If you are interested to be our Vastu Accessories Distributor. Please fill in the Form

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