• The Tijori (Vault Locker) / Cash Drawer should never open towards South or West direction because it could affect the flow of funds and create financial drains.
  • The Tijori (Vault Locker) / Cash Drawer should open towards the Uttar disha (North zone) i.e the direction of Lord Kuber Devtaji, so that Lord Kuber Devtaji aspects the Locker at all times. As a second best alternative the Tijori (Vault Locker) / Cash Drawer should open towards the Poorav disha (East zone)
  • The Tijori (Vault Locker), Cash Drawer, Cupboard which contains Cash, Valuables and Important Documents should be installed at the Nairuti kona (South-West zone).
  • Avoid grey, black and blue painted Tijori (Vault Locker). Paint the Tijori (Vault Locker) in yellow or off white shade (from inside and outside).
  • Do not keep shoes below the Tijori (Vault Locker) / Cash Drawer.
  • The Tijori (Vault Locker) / Cash Drawer should be never be kept empty. It is always advisable to keep some valuables and cash permanently in it.
  • Lord Kuber Devta ji is the Lord of Wealth and He is the presiding Lord of the Uttar disha (Northern direction). It is believed that when Lord Kuber Devta ji is pleased, He showers His blessings on the Devotee and this comes in the shape of growth in business, finances and wealth
  • Ideally install our Vastu Product Kuber Devtaji Yantra in your Tijori (Vault Locker) / Cash Drawer. Mystical benefits: Lord Kuber may help to open up new avenues and opportunities leading to more sources of income and stability of finances. Lord Kuber Devtaji may help in removing the existing hindrances and speeds up the growth to ‘Income’ and ‘Wealth’.
  • Ideally place our Vastu Product ‘Vastu Vitalizer Pyramid’ on the Cash Counter, in the Cash Drawer, Tijori (Vault Locker) and on Important Files / Documents. Mystical benefits: Enhance your chances to gain further growth, progress and financial benefits.