Study room

  • Vastushastra suggests to face Poorav disha (East zone) while studying i.e. the direction of the rising Sun. The Sun is a source of enlightenment and the ultimate source of power. Facing the Poorav disha (East zone) or Eshanya Kona (North-East) or Poorav Disha (East) will help you reset your mind, making you alert and help you absorb, understand and assimilate the text being read from the book. You would become more focused on the subject and would be able to grasp the topic. This will empower you to take correct decisions.
  • In order to remain focused it is advisable to keep the study desk clean, clear and clutter free.
  • Avoid keeping unwanted things lying around and too many books lying un-necessarily on the desk.
  • Keep the Poorav disha (East zone) and Uttar disha (North zone) windows open for maximum time so that abundant Cosmic Energy flows into your room.
  • Install picture of Lord Ganesha ji, Maa Saraswati ji, Soorya Devtaji or Rising Sun Picture on the Poorav disha (East side) wall.
  • Avoid sharp cornered furniture / columns. Do not sit below over-head beams or sharp cornered cabinets or open shelves.
  • Ideally place our Vastu Product ‘Vastu Vitalizer Pyramid’ on the Study Desk, Computer Table, Cash Counter, in the Cash Drawer, Tijori (Vault Locker) and on Important Files / Documents. Mystical benefits: Enhance your chances to gain further growth, progress and financial benefits.