Dining and living room

Storage of Bricks, Cement etc.

  • During the construction stage, do not place marble, bricks, wooden planks, junk, iron beams / rods at the Eshanya Kona (North-East zone), Poorav disha (East zone) and Uttar disha (North zone) and the Brahmasthan (central zone) of main plot / property.
  • Keep all bricks, marble, sand, cement at the Prithvi Tatva (South-West zone) of the plot / property.

Temporary Toilet for workers.

  • Ensure that the workers temporary toilet is not created at the Eshanya Kona (North-East), Prithvi Tatva (South-West), Brahmasthaan (central zone), Poorav Disha (East) and Agni Kona (South-East).

Labour Quarters

  • Do not create Labour quarters at the South-West or South-East zone.

Underground water tanks & Bore-Well

  • Create the under-ground tank and bore-well at the North, North-East or East zone.
  • We suggest to install our Vastu Product Divine Oorja Cube during the casting of the columns (pillars), Install one Divine Oorja Cube within each column (pillar) along-with the concrete mixture RMC. Ideally install at the footing / basement level. Mystical benefits:  Divine Oorja Cube helps for activation and energizing the property and helps to clear the Geopathic Stress which could be affecting the structure.
  • We suggest to install our Vastu Product Power Grid Stick within the brick wall at the following zones (i) missing corner / cut corner walls (ii) behind the bed head board. (iii) above the maindoor frame. Mystical benefits: Helps to energize the door, bedroom and helps to rectify the missing corner flaws.
  • We suggest to install our Vastu Product Vastu Energizer below the flooring tiles / marble. Install the Vastu Energizer at the following zones (i) below the ‘Tijori’ (vault). (ii) at the 4 corners of the bedrooms (iii) in the 4 corners of the cabins (iv) in the 8 directions of the property (v) in the Brahmasthaan (center of the property). Mystical benefits: helps for Oorja (Energy) level correction and Supreme Energy Level Enhancement of the property.