What are the benefits of Vastu Shastra ?

It is proven that the layout, design, structure of the place you work and stay has a definite bearing on your mental and physical state. The positive or negative vibes flowing in these structures affect your peace of mind, your smooth functioning, eventually having a bearing on your health, general well being and also on your prosperity.

Would I be successful and wealthy after I make the modifications in my home and office as per Vastu Shastra Principles?

After modifying your home and work place as per Vastu Shastra principles you would find remarkable improvement and positive vibrations in your surroundings, environment and your attitude towards life. You would be relatively more at peace and would be able to work more efficiently. This would translate into prosperity, happiness and more wealth.
Vastushastra is gaining tremendous popularity due to its effectiveness and benefiting results and we have witnessed positivity, growth and satisfaction with each of our clients. We are confident that you too would stand to benefit by complying to Vastushastra principles.

Is it alright if I read articles or a book on Vastu Shastra and do the modifications and changes myself ?

Please refrain yourself from practicing this scientific form just by reading some articles or hearing some tips from someone.
Instead of gathering bits and pieces of advise it would be better to go deep into the science and study all the aspects and principles of Vastu Shastra or take professional advice from an experienced Vastu Consultant to help you harness the positive vibes and actually gain out of this proven science.

Does implementing the Vastu Shastra principles involve too much destruction to existing structures ?

We at Vastu Kripa have specialized in energizing the properties and rectification of the Vastu ‘doshas’ (flaws) by installing Vastu Product Accessories. We recommend minimum changes to the existing structures and create a positively charged environment within the existing layouts.

Presently, my financially status is good, Is it still necessary for me to take advice on Vastushastra ?

Each one of us has aspirations and would appreciate to climb the success ladder and reach new heights. Vastushastra plays an important role in paving the path of success, prosperity, better business prospects and a better life.

Whatever maybe your present situation, by putting Vastu into practice it would enhance the smooth in-flow of Prana (energy) resulting in an internal atmosphere of more harmony, prosperity, peace and good health.

What is the guarantee of getting benefits after doing the changes as per Vastushastra ?

Please realize that we are governed by God’s will and there is also an inter-play of the 3 Factors:-
(1) Destiny and Planetary Positions
(2) Karmas (deeds and actions)
(3) Vastushastra (Energies / Vibes of the property)

With every passing moment there are changes in the 3 factors which could affect in the future. With passage of time, whenever Destiny, Planetary positions and Karmas change, it could affect the life and business.

Hence if the property is well structured as per Vastushastra and when the energies and vibrations within the property are positive, it will create the support and spring action ie. give support and comfort during troubled and challenging times. Give boost and added advantages during good times.

Prosperity success etc. are also determined by ones past as well as present karmas and fate. There is no substitute to honesty, hard-work and genuine prayer to Almighty God. It’s His will which eventually dictates us.