Divine Connect Vedic Yantra Frame

Divine Connect Vedic Yantra Frame
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Rs. 2,160.00
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  • Wooden Frame Size 10 inch x 10 inch. Vedic Yantra plate size 6 inch x 6 inch.

Mystic Benefits

Optimizes your chances to gain:-

  • Helps to harmonize the environment and rectify the Vastu Doshas.
  • Experience peace, happiness, progress and success.
  • Minimize the negative effect of adverse Planetary positions.
  • Achieve Financial Growth and Stability of Finances

Shree Yantra

Shree Yantra is the Yantra of Mahalaxmiji, the Goddess of Wealth and prosperity. It is believed that Goddess Mahalaxmiji manifests herself at the place where this divine Shree Yantra is placed and worshipped. Shree Yantra is also related to Vastu Shastra. The upward triangles of Shree Yantra indicate fire element, lower triangle indicate water, the circle indicates air, the point indicates sky and the base indicates earth. It symbolizes a total of 2816 energies or Goddesses and worshipping this Yantra would mean worshipping all those Goddesses.

Nav Grah Yantra

This Yantra is a combined Yantra for all the nine planets and is divided into nine squares, each one with a talisman representing one planet. It is an extremely useful & beneficial Yantra, since it's worship strengthens benefic planets & increases their positive influence and pacifies malefic planets & neutralizes their negative effect. This Yantra is recommended for all, particularly whose one or more planets are positioned in such a way in the horoscope, that they are harming the individual's health, prosperity and peace of mind. This Yantra should be worshipped life long, to ensure that you always get maximum advantage from your planets.

Vastu Devta Yantra

Worshipping Vastu Purush through this Yantra helps in negating any likely ills that may be there in the offing or existing due to the poor Vastu compliance in our living structures. This Yantra is also worshipped for all round prosperity in the structures (home or office) wherever it is placed.

Kuber Devta Yantra

Lord Kuber Devta ji is the Lord of Wealth. It is believed that when Lord Kuber Devta ji is pleased, he showers his blessings on the Devotee, and this comes in the shape of growth in business, career and profession. Lord Kuber Devta ji also opens up new avenues and opportunities leading to more sources of income. Lord Kuber Devta ji helps in removing the existing hindrances and speeds up the growth to 'Prosperity' and 'Wealth'.

Where to Install :

  • Drill a screw / nail on the wall / cabinet. Install (hang) The Divine Connect Yantra Frame in the Poojasthan / Temple / North-East zone of the property.
  • Ideally install The Divine Connect Yantra Frame on the Eastern wall.
  • Install The Divine Connect Yantra Frame in the Home, Office, Shop and Factory.
  • Do not install on a toilet common wall or in an inauspicious zone.


  • Wash your hands / wipe your hands with the hand sanitizer and start with a clear and positive mind frame.
  • Spray the Holy Ganga Jal / Holy Water on The Divine Connect Yantra Frame and apply Tilak on the 4 Yantras.
  • Recite the Mantras and your prayers. Evoke pure love within yourself from inner heart.
  • With your thought power and intense will, think of the purpose for which you are installing The Divine Connect Yantra Frame ie. Your desire could be that you want yourself and your family / company to be extremely happy, extremely successful, extremely prosperous, extremely rich, extremely wealthy, healthy, peaceful, abundance of love etc.
DisclaimerAll suggestions and information provided herein is in good faith and to the best of our knowledge. We do not undertake any warranties or guarantees expressed verbally or herein or by the use of our products. Prosperity success etc. are also determined by ones past as well as present karmas and fate. There is no substitute to honesty, hard-work and genuine prayer to Almighty God. It's His will which eventually dictates us.