Ganga Jal Spray 5 Bottles

Ganga Jal Spray 5 Bottles
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Ganga Jal is believed to destroy the sins, purifies the mind, body and environment. The Ganga, otherwise known as Ganges, brings purity to human life. By bathing in river Ganga sacred waters, one is purified to the core of their being.

Mystic Benefits:

    • For Divine purification, God's blessings and positive vibrations

    • Ideal for everyone and for all Homes, Workplaces & Factories.

    • Energizes the environment.

    • Neutralizes the Vastu Doshas.

    • Rectifies the energy imbalances.

Usage Procedure:

    • Spray the Holy Ganga Jal in all your properties in a weekly routine.

    • Spray the Holy Ganga Jal on the 7 Chakras of your body

    • You may refill the bottles with Ganga Jal or any Holy Water.

Product Specifications:

Colour   :  White Bottle

Item Dimensions   :  Length  17 cm.  Height 11 cm.  Width  3cm

Item Weight         :  250  grams

Item Part Number SKU     :  SPRAY

Primary Material   :  Ganga Jal (Water) in Plastic Bottle

Number of Pieces   :  5 Spray Bottles containing Ganga Jal

Item Shape   :  25 ml Spray Bottle

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