Happy Relationship Yantra

Happy Relationship Yantra
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  • The white metal yantra (round jar) measures 4 inches diameter and 3 inches height.

Happy Relationship Yantra is a white metal jar which is filled with Rose Quartz Crystals and other Potent Ingredients. Rose Quartz Crystals are natural pink color quartz.

Mystic Benefits

  • Rose Quartz Crystals is believed to enhance all forms of love: self-love, love, caring, kindness, platonic and romantic love. Rose Quartz Crystals encourages one to be tender, peaceful and gentle, emanates unconditional love and helps attract positive, gentle love.
  • It enhances forgiveness and tolerance.

How to Install :

  • Place the Happy Relationship Yantra on the Bedside Table or in the Cupboard / Drawer.


  • Wash your hands and start with a clear and positive mind frame.
  • Evoke pure love within yourself from inner heart.
  • Spray Holy Water / Holy Ganga Jal on the Happy Relationship Yantra.
  • Apply Tilak on the Happy Relationship Yantra.
  • Recite the Mantras and your prayers.
  • With your thought power and intense will, think of the purpose for which you are installing the Happy Relationship Yantra ie. Your desire could be that you want yourself and your better half to be extremely happy, extremely peaceful, loving, caring, healthy, blissful, prosperous, rich, wealthy and lead a harmonious life.
  • Repeat the cleaning process and energize the Happy Relationship Yantra with prayer and positive thoughts after every few weeks / months.
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