Power Grid Stick

Power Grid Stick
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Rs. 1,960.00
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  • 18 inch long Copper Tube filled with Minerals, Panch-Dhatu and Divinity.

Creates a powerful energy field (grid) within the property and minimizes the negative vibes.

Mystic Benefits

  • Optimizes your chances to gain joy, progress and overall bliss.
  • Rectifies the energy imbalances.
  • Neutralizes the Vastu Doshas.
  • Energizes the environment.

Where to Install :

  • Install 1 Power Grid on each Missing Corner / Cut Corner wall / zone.
  • Install 1 Power Grid Stick above the Main Door Frame.
  • Install 1 Power Grid Stick behind (back) of the bed head-board (in the centre of the head-board). Install it at about 3 feet from floor level.
  • In-order to create a Supreme Power Energy (Oorja) Grid within the property, we suggest to Install the Power Grid Stick at the 9 zones of the property ie. North-East, East, South-East, South, South-West, West, North-West, North and Brahmasthan (Center).
  • Hang it on the wall.
    Screw / fix 2 white metal hooks on the wall (keep about 12 inch distance between the 2 hooks). Hang / place the Power Grid Stick between the 2 hooks.
  • Embed in the brick wall
    Embed the Power Grid Stick within the walls. Create a horizontal hole in the wall (hole should be measuring 20 inches long x 1.5 inches deep). Place the Power Grid Stick in it. Thereafter re-plaster the wall.


  • Wash your hands / wipe your hands with the hand sanitizer and start with a clear and positive mind frame.
  • Spray the Holy Ganga Jal / Holy Water on the Power Grid Stick.
  • Recite the Mantras and your prayers. Evoke pure love within yourself from inner heart.
  • With your thought power and intense will, think of the purpose for which you are installing the Power Grid Stick ie. Your desire could be that you want yourself and your family / company to be extremely happy, extremely successful, extremely prosperous, extremely rich, extremely wealthy, healthy, peaceful, abundance of love etc.
Disclaimer All suggestions and information provided herein is in good faith and to the best of our knowledge. We do not undertake any warranties or guarantees expressed verbally or herein or by the use of our products. Prosperity success etc. are also determined by ones past as well as present karmas and fate. There is no substitute to honesty, hard-work and genuine prayer to Almighty God. It's His will which eventually dictates us.