Toilet Rectification Kit

Toilet Rectification Kit
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Mystic Benefits: Helps to minimize the negativity and Vastu Doshas of the toilets.

As per Vastushastra, the Toilets which are constructed at the North, North-East, East, South-East, South, South-West, Brahmasthaan (center) are considered as a Vastu Dosha (Vastu Flaw) and it could affect health, wealth and relationships. It is imperative to avoid constructing any Toilet at these zones. If it is absolutely not possible to relocate the toilets from these zones, then it is recommended to rectify the Vastu Dosha energetically with the aid of ‘Toilet Rectifier Kit’.

The Toilet Rectifier Kit Contains:-

8 Copper Cosmic Symbols
1 Plastic Bowl (to keep the Salt)
1 Jar containing Salt
2 Spray Bottle containing Ganga Jal.
1 Vastu Vitalizer Pyramid (to be placed on the wall (outside the toilet)
1 Acrylic Stand (to place the Vastu Vitalizer Pyramid)
1 Tube of Araldite Adhesive (to stick the Copper Cosmic Symbols)

Installation Procedure: Keep the Vastu Vitalizer Pyramid, Copper Cosmic Symbols, Ganga Jal Spray Bottle and Salt Bowl in your Poojasthaan (Temple). Recite the Mantras and say the prayer. Thereafter install these Vastu Products.

Copper Cosmic Symbols

Clean the Toilet Floor.  In equal proportion mix the 2 tubes of ‘Araldite Adhesive’ and fix the ‘Copper Cosmic Symbol’ with it  in all the corners of the Toilet.

Bowl containing Salt

Open the wrapper and keep the ‘bowl containing salt’ on the Toilet shelf / ledge. Change the salt every week.

Vastu Vitalizer Pyramid

Fix the Acrylic stand on the wall at about 7 feet level or higher (install it outside the Toilet or very near the Toilet wall). Place the Vastu Vitalizer Pyramid on it. Clean the Pyramid in a routine. Ensure that the Pyramid is NOT installed in the toilet or above the Toilet door.

Ganga Jal Spray Bottle

Every few days, Spray Ganga Jal on the Vastu Vitalizer Pyramid and  in your property.