It is proven that the layout, design, structure of the place you work and stay has a definite bearing on your mental and physical state. The positive or negative vibes flowing in these structures affect your peace of mind, your smooth functioning, eventually having a bearing on your health, general well being and also on your prosperity.

Each one of us has aspirations and would appreciate to climb the success ladder to reach new heights. Vastu Shastra plays an important role in paving the path of success, prosperity, better business prospects and a better lifestyle.

The positive energies and vibes which would flow into your home and work place would recharge your mind and body and you would be relatively at peace and you would be able to work efficiently and effectively which would translate into happiness, success and good health.

Vastushastra is gaining tremendous popularity due to its effectiveness and we have witnessed positive growth and satisfaction with each of our clients.
By incorporating Vastu Shastra principles today, you would be sowing the seeds for a better tomorrow.

Industrialists and Businessmen

  • Experience success, prosperity and growth.
  • Improve sales revenue and profitability.
  • Attain strong revenue growth and stability of finances.
  • Foster better co-ordination with employees and management etc.
  • Minimize the machinery break-down.
  • Achieve higher output (production).
  • Upscale your business and profession.
  • Stimulate faster movement of stocks and merchandise.
  • Helps to gather more clientele and repute.

Professionals – Doctors, Lawyers, C.A, Architects, Consultants etc.

  • Helps to gather more clientele and repute.
  • Helps to dispense quality advice, suggestions and reports.
  • Deliver world class advice and information.
  • Create client satisfaction.
  • Fosters faster recovery of dues.
  • Achieve financial stability.
  • Experience success, prosperity and growth.


  • Experience more peace of mind.
  • Improves co-ordination with family members.
  • Opens up doors for success and prosperity.
  • Helps to improve health and well being.
  • Vitalize the fund flow and stabilize the finances.
  • Helps in improving concentration on studies.
  • Helps in timely marriage of children.
  • Improves relationship of the wedded couple.

Govt. Service and Private Jobs

  • Experience Job satisfaction.
  • Vitalize the Resume and Job Profile.
  • Fosters better team spirit and better co-ordination.
  • Maintain peace of mind.
  • Achieve stability of finances.
  • Opens up doors for success and prosperity.


  • Helps in improving concentration on studies.
  • Achieve improved results and better academic mark-sheet.
  • Empowers the student to be more focused on the higher goals for the future.