Mythology of Vastushastra

“Vastu Purush Devtaji” is the spirit of the site. The image of Vastu Purusha is drawn in the form of a human male who lies with the head facing the Eshanya kona (North-East zone) and legs towards the Nairuti Kona (South-West zone) and his body fitting a square.

As per one Hindu Mythology, Lord Shiva fought Andakasur (a demon) and won the battle. During the fight, Lord Shiva’s sweat fell on the ground and formed a powerful ‘being’ known as Vastu Purush, who became a dedicated devotee of Lord Shiva.

Vastu Purusha was hungry. He meditated hard enough so much so that Lord Shiva was compelled to grant Vastu Purusha a ‘wish’. Vastu Purusha asked Lord Shiva that he be made so powerful that he could devour the 3 worlds.

Lord Shiva granted the wish. Other Gods were frightened and felt insecure and thereafter got together and over powered Vastu Purusha. The Gods & Divinities held Vastu Purusha from within the body and also from outside in such a way that he was pinned down to the ground with his face downwards.

Vastu Purusha prayed to God for help. Lord Brahma then gave Vastu Purusha a boon that every person would worship Vastu Purusha prior to commencement of construction and also before “Grah Pravesh” and in turn Vastu Purusha would look after the inhabitants who did not hurt him. Those who adhere to the principles of Vastushastra would benefit substantially in all respects i.e. improved health, wealth and relationships.